After fleeing Syria, Ahlam and her family settled in Elmbridge. She started to learn English but lacked the confidence to apply for jobs. A language course funded by Walton Charity improved her spoken English so she could start to look for work.


When Alan left the Army, he returned to Elmbridge to his partner and daughter. Struggling with untreated PTSD, Alan’s relationship broke down and he had to leave the family home. He found himself sofa surfing while trying to find work.


Amina manages our direct grants programme. Working with people from across Elmbridge or through local referral agencies, she helps individuals and families facing financial difficulty. Here, she shares a typical week in her role.


Green Spaces Manager, Karen, is responsible for our allotments, woodlands and other green spaces. She creates opportunities for our local community to get outdoors and active. Here, she shares a typical week in her job.


When her daughter couldn’t visit as regularly as usual, Margaret struggled to cope on her own. Using funding from Walton Charity, local charity Walsingham Care was able to step in and offer Margaret the support she needs.


Struggling to settle into her new school, Chloe joined a dance group funded by Walton Charity’s school Opportunities Fund. The sessions helped Chloe to build her confidence and self esteem and make new friends.


Mary adopted her nieces after they lost their mum. Struggling with the extra cost of uniform and shoes, she turned to the school for help. Using funding from Walton Charity, they were able to help Mary kit out her niece ready for her new school.


Living with Parkinson’s makes everyday life challenging for Emily and her family who care for her. A specialist chair funded by Walton Charity means Emily can sit up comfortably and spend time with her family without worrying about the risk of falling.


When Oliver was facing difficulties at home and at school, his behaviour became increasingly challenging. One-to-one counselling sessions, funded by his school’s Opportunities Fund, helped Oliver to better manage his emotions and change his behaviour at school.



When Ian’s health deteriorated, he had to retire from his job as a hospital porter. Having lived in a flat provided with the job, Ian found himself homeless with nowhere to turn.


Before coming to Walton Charity’s Community Allotment, Katie spent a lot of time at home on her own. Now she loves being part of a regular activity, learning new skills and making new friends.



Catherine was caring for her mum following surgery but her dream was to become an accountant. A grant from Walton Charity enabled her to cover the travel costs to her course.

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Struggling with the impact of redundancy during a global pandemic, Karen felt too afraid to ask for help. A grant from Walton Charity helped her find somewhere to stay and reduce her anxiety.



Sally was struggling to access her children’s remote learning without proper IT equipment, until she received a Chromebook through Walton Charity’s ‘Computers for Kids’ appeal.

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A sudden loss of income, his partner in hospital and a child with special needs, Mike struggled to ask for help. A referral from the Elmbridge Family Centre helped his family through their crisis.



With no job and no money, John ended up sofa surfing and sleeping rough. Walton Charity were able to help provide a roof over his head and an opportunity to regain his independence.



Suffering from OCD and depression, Lara was reluctant to join a local gardening group. Going along to Walton Charity’s Community Allotment turned out to be the first step in restarting her life.



A delay in benefit payments meant Sarah couldn’t afford to cover bills and feed her children. Emergency food parcels from the local Foodbank were a lifeline until she could get back on her feet.